Gospel Meeting: June 6-11, 1999

Theme: The Lord's Church

Speaker - Bobby Witherington of Seffner, Florida

Lesson Titles:

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"The Beginning of the Church"

"The Blessings and Responsibilities of Local Church Membership"

"The Church, How It is Entered"

"How To Identify the Lord's Church"

"The Purity of the Church"

"The Work of the Church"

"The Worship of the Church or Why We do What We Do"

"The Autonomy of the Local Church"

AUDIO TAPES: The lessons mentioned above were presented during the week and audio tapes of each lesson are available by request. If you would desire to have the audio tape(s) of any or all of the lessons, please send your request to:

Railroad Avenue church of Christ

P.O. Box 1413

Antioch, CA 94509-0141